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So, seriously, are you guys rich or what’s the deal?

We are definitely not rich. When we decide on a place we want to travel, we look at how much the cost of transportation and accommodation are, what activities are must do bucket list items and how long we want to stay in each place. We figure out how much we need to save and start working towards that goal. We save and save until we meet and/or exceed our original goal before we’re ready to hit the road and start enjoying our next adventure! 

How did this adventure begin?

When we got engaged, everyone kept asking where we were going to buy a house and settle down. We looked at houses briefly but could not commit to buying. We talked a lot about where that would be but decided we hadn’t seen enough of the world to make the best decision for our new family. After some discussion and prayer, we decided the only option for us was to travel the world to find the best place to call home. 

Who is in the crew, and can I join?

Currently, it’s just a 2-person crew. We both are amateur photographers and videographers, learning on the go! Everything we post on our social media channels and YouTube, we have personally shot and edited. We love learning new things and this has enabled the creative parts of us to truly shine. Even though there’s no openings for a 3rd crew member now, check back from time to time. You never know what could change!

What about visas, customs, and potentials dangers in each country you visit?

  • Customs: We haven’t had any bad customs experiences thus far. We do have Global Entry in the United States which we couldn’t recommend enough. We love it. 
  • Potential dangers: There are potential dangers in every country you travel to, including the United States. The best thing to do when traveling is to do your research, be smart and enjoy yourself. Most people we’ve met have been incredibly kind and more than willing to help us when we are in need. 

What camera gear do you use?

We have plans to expand our camera gear as we continue to grow. Currently, we are shooting with a Canon 6D Mark II DSLR with a 24-105mm lens. We also shoot quite a bit of our content with our GoPro Hero8.

What editing software do you use?

We edit our videos in iMovie, and edit our photos with the VSCO presets in Lightroom. 

Where do you license your music for your videos?


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