Moo’rea is known as “the magical island” in the series of islands within the French Polynesia. And there’s certainly no denying the fact that this island oozes magic. From the crystal clear lagoon waters, to the white sand beaches, the lush forests and breathtaking mountain peaks; this place pretty much has it all. Lord knows, we certainly did it all!

From the moment we arrived in Moo’rea, the magic began. We only had a 5-night stay in Moo’rea for the second half of our honeymoon and we stayed in complete luxury. We stayed at the Hilton Moo’rea Lagoon & Spa. Upon arrival, we were greeted with a floral lei, cold towels and fresh squeezed juice. This was all BEFORE we even checked in with the lobby receptionist. The Hilton Moo’rea certainly knows how to welcome their guests!

After a brief check-in, we were escorted via golf cart to our very private, exceedingly gorgeous, overwater bungalow. This is what we’d been waiting for. The number one reason we came to the French Polynesia was to experience the fantasy of staying in one of these remarkable retreats. And can we just say, WOW!

Walking into your front door has never been so exciting. From the second you enter your overwater bungalow, you see the bright, blue waters of the ocean. With a stunning open concept bathroom complete with both a rainfall shower head and a claw foot soaking tub; the luxury continues with a glass bottom viewing of the ocean in the middle of your bungalow and steps off the balcony leading directly into the water. The water is literally at your fingertips and yours to explore.

Everyday we would simply step off our private deck to do a little snorkeling. The overwater bungalow is pure magic and we can’t wait to experience one again!

Of course, we did do more than just sit in the lap of luxury of our bungalow. We were quite active during our 5 days in Moo’rea. We were able to get in three dives in three days with a top rated dive shop called Moorea Blue Diving. We did a sunset dive which was great to see the light affect the coral. We also did another 2 dives where we got to swim with turtles and lemon sharks (another blog post coming soon on the specifics of our dives).

Diving was amazing and if we’re around water, something we always try to do. We also took a muddy ATV tour through Mount Rotui to see all the pineapple plantations, did a short hike that lead us to an overlook of Magic Mountain. (Check out our Moo’rea Part I vlog to see all the muddy action).

Fun fact: pineapples are not native to Moo’rea. Captain James Cook brought them from Brazil back in the 1700’s and planted them there. They’ve now grown to a island wide source of income for the locals and they sure are delicious. That’s pretty neat!

Possibly the most interesting part of our magical stay in Moo’rea was doing a private day tour deep sea fishing with a Tahitian local. It was quite windy the morning we went out. The current was strong, the waves were pretty decent in size and I was trying to suppress my sea-sickness so that Jeremiah could have the time of his life. This was, after all, his wildest dream come to life.

After hours of waiting, re-baiting and more waiting, Jeremiah worked his butt off to pull in the 70 pound yellowfin tuna his hook had caught. It took about 10 minutes as the Tahitian’s don’t use rods if they can catch them with a flip buoy system. Our guide said this was a very economical way to fish because you don’t have to waste gas trolling.

After Jeremiah caught his big fish, it was my turn next! My buoy had flipped and after about 8 minutes or so, I came face to face with my 30 pound yellowfin tuna. It was such a satisfying feeling working to catch this fish (it was seriously a work out – those suckers put up a good fight) and then to be able to give our catch to our guide to feed his large family, was even more rewarding.

We cannot thank the Hilton Moo’rea Lagoon & Spa enough for the time we had at the resort or the multiple excursions they helped coordinate for us. Those ladies at the Activities Desk in the lobby sure are miracle workers.

Comment below with any questions you have and be sure to check out this Thursday’s blog that goes heavy into detail of our many dives during our honeymoon in Tahiti!

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