As we mentioned in our last blog, we are a newlywed couple who has decided to set off on a round the world adventure. Why, you ask?! Why not follow the natural order of a traditional, newly married couple and buy a house or a maybe even a dog? We’ll tell you. As soon as we got engaged, friends and family started asking us about next steps in life. “Where are you going to live? Are you going to buy a house? Are you going to start having kids right away?”

While all of those are incredible blessings that one day we’re excited to experience, we had no idea where we wanted to start our lives together and have a family.

We live in a western suburb of Minnesota and life is good. We have family close by and have great jobs. The only bummer part about Minnesota….the winter. Who wants to be stuck inside for days on end during -50-degree weather? We simply had enough of the brutal winters and decided wherever we settle, it needs to have a warm climate year-round.

While we’ve tossed around some fun ideas of places we’d love to settle down (Hawaii and New Zealand you’re on the top of the list). We just haven’t seen enough of the world to make the best decision for our new family. We are adventurous people by nature and love to try new things. We love to hike, camp, try new foods, swim, scuba dive and pretty much anything to do with being on the water. While Minnesota has some of these activities, you can only experience them a few months out of the year. There is so much of this vast and beautiful earth that we have yet to see.

After much discussion, planning and a multitude of prayers, we arrived at the decision to travel the world in search of the best place to call home.

While this may seem like a crazy idea to some, we know that with God at the forefront of our marriage and our lives, we can do anything through Him. We are so grateful for this opportunity to travel the world and can’t wait to take you all on this adventure with us! 

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