Setting goals is an age-old practice that is focused on motivation, dedication and personal development. We have always been a fan of goal-setting. Whether that’s in our personal or professional lives, we find that writing out our goals and being intentional on achieving those goals helps them to become successful. Living abroad has been a big goal for both of us throughout our lives. We didn’t always know what that would entail, where we would go or how we would get there but it’s always been a dream for us.  And now, we’re here!

Our big international excursion has finally arrived.

We’ve planned, saved, worked and prayed about our upcoming adventure. We’ve put in many hours of preparation to ensure this trip is everything we want it to be. While we have a game plan for destinations we’re going to, we wanted to take that a step further and set an intention for the trip beyond finding a place to call home which is truly the end goal. Being a newly married couple, we have our own plans and prayers for our marriage, but we wanted to create some goals and hopes for this big journey we’re about to embark on. Like in yoga, in which you set an intention for your practice, we are setting an intention for our travels. These are our goals for this journey:

–       Seek adventure in every new place 

–       Discover how people experience joy in various cultures

–       Serve others around the world (Galatians 5:13)

–       Grow in our faith & strengthen our marriage (Romans 12:9-13) 

–       Help spark the travel bug in others

These five goals are something we will be very intentional about putting first during our travels. We will be keeping one another accountable and making sure that we share all of this with all of you on a regular basis. If you have specific goals that you implement in your life and you’d like to share, comment below and let us know! 

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