The Hanaq VIP Lounge in Lima, Peru is a 24-hour premier lounge at the Lima Jorge Chavez International Airport. As of 8/2019, there are four lounge options at the Lima airport. They are all open 24-hours of the day, however only two of them are actual lounges that include amenities like WiFi, showers, food, refreshments and more.

We spent 10 hours in the Hanaq VIP Lounge on a layover to Quito and this was our experience.

The Hanaq VIP Lounge is a 3-level lounge with 4 different buffet stations, 1 sleeping room with multiple beds, 1 bar, 3 open air lounge areas, a children’s playroom and much more. The lounge is located just through security, past Gate 17, right through a long corridor. Access is permitted 3 hours prior to your scheduled departure time however, being that we had a 12-hour layover, we wanted to see how this would pan out.

What we found is that you can only get 3-6 hours of time in the lounge unless you extend your stay past the 6-hour mark which is what we did. After 6 hours in the lounge, we were approached by a lounge representative informing us that our stay was up and we either needed to leave the lounge or extend our time. We spoke with the entrance agent working the front desk to see if we could extend our stay. She said that would be fine, but she didn’t know if it would cost us and that she was unable to know for sure if we would be charged; we would simply be billed if at all after swiping our Priority Pass cards. This was dissatisfying to us as we’re on a budget and need to know when things are going to cost us. Alas, she was unable to provide that information, so we decided to allow her to swipe the card and see what happens. We’ll be checking our statement at a later time to see if we were charged.

The lounge was a great home for the day.

It allowed us high speed internet to work during our long layover, good food, bottled water and much more.

We switched up our areas of work from level to level just to get a change in scenery.vThey also offered plenty of food options for the mealtimes we were in the lounge.

Breakfast offered: toast, jams, ham, cheese, scrambled and hard-boiled eggs, mini-egg sandwiches, cereals, fresh squeezed OJ, a variety of coffee’s and most importantly, bottled water.

Lunch offered: veggie salad, pesto ravioli, pasta salad, potatoes, chips and dips, coffee, juice, and more bottled water.

If our layover had been overnight, the sleeping room would have been much appreciated but our layover was during the day after an overnight flight and an evening flight to follow so we stayed awake working the whole day.

Overall, we had a great layover based at the Hanaq VIP Lounge in Lima. We will most certainly be back!

Another blog coming soon on what a Priority Pass is and how to get one for yourself.

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