Mera Business Lounge in Cancun, Mexico

A stunning lounge with plenty of seating, food options, and delicious coffee. We spent a few hours at this beautiful lounge and had a wonderful experience. The style, comfort and impeccable service was much appreciated for our early 6AM flight. I’ve put together a list of some of the amenities that the Mera Business Lounge offers below.

1. The luxurious seating areas

The variety of seating that this lounge provides is incredible. You can pick and choose if you’d like more of a casual or formal setting. There was plenty of space throughout the lounge and it never felt crowded.

2. The variety of food options

There was plenty of breakfast options to choose from. We had both American and Mexican style breakfast available and there was also an employee restocking the food as it dwindled which was great because nothing ever ran out!

3. The bar service

The service at this lounge was one of the reasons we loved it so much. They had an incredible array of beverages available at all times as well as a server at the bar and throughout the lounge serving the guests and bringing them things like cocktails and freshly brewed coffee.

4. The cleanliness and overall atmosphere

This lounge was truly a crowd favorite simply due to the cleanliness, modern decor and space that it provided. We have been to plenty of lounges all over the world and some of them have felt dirty, cramped and somewhat chaotic. This lounge was a perfect place to enjoy our morning coffee before a long international flight.

I would highly recommend anyone passing through the Cancun airport to stop into the Mera Business Lounge. You won’t be disappointed!

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