Diving in French Polynesia is a dream come true. We specifically picked this honeymoon to be sure that we could do as much diving as possible. It also happened to be our first-time diving in the ocean. We did five dives total and purchased this great dive pass called the Moana Dive Pass. It gets you ten dives total and you can split them with one other person.

The best part about the Moana Dive Pass is that it’s an inter-island pass and you can dive with multiple dive shops across the various French Polynesian islands.

We did two dives in Raiatea and three dives in Moo’rea. It was a great deal for us and if you’re a diver looking at a trip to Tahiti, be sure to check out the Moana Dive Pass.

Our very first dive was in Raiatea, we pulled up to a section on the outside of the lagoon with 10+ black tip reef sharks circling our boat. Jeremiah, of course, was the first one in the water. He was diving into a sea of his favorite animals. I, however, was a little more skeptical. It took quite a bit of courage to get in the water with these big, beautiful creatures who up until that dive, I had associated as deadly (thanks to the movie Jaws).

As soon as I got in the water and started to descend down the reef wall, I had a completely different view of the sharks. These animals are absolutely fascinating and after some time, I just stared in awe of how calm and relaxing they truly are. My long-time, irrational fear of sharks was put to rest after this wonderful experience. That’s not to say that I’m going to go dive in a sea of them without proper supervision. Anytime we dive or snorkel with sharks, we will be sure to have an experienced scuba diving instructor or marine biologist of some sort who work with them daily to guide us to be as safe as possible.

Our second dive was another one for the books. We did the Nordby wreck dive. For those of you who like history, the Nordby ship was a Dutch ship that sank just meters from the shoreline and it’s about 30 meters under the surface. This was the toughest dive that we did.

It was raining, the current was strong, the visibility was fairly poor and the depth was deeper than we had ever dove.

I had a hard time equalizing but after some time we made it down to the Nordby and it was in amazing shape for a ship that has been in the water for over 100 years. It’s laying completely on its side and since the wooden decking has disintegrated, you can swim through the ships core. One amazing finding in this wreck is that there is an air bubble inside the ship where the air never escaped. You can pop your head up in the air, but be sure to keep your regulator on as the air is not safe to breathe. A great first wreck dive!

When we got to Moorea, we crammed in the diving to make the most of our Moana Pass. We did a sunset dive where we saw a 9-foot-long, pregnant lemon shark which was incredible. She kept her distance from us (which was much appreciated on my end) and swam quickly beneath and away from us. Moo’rea was also the place we first dove with turtles. We went to this spot the locals call turtle airport. The reefs have all this nooks and crannies where the turtles like to nap. We saw well over 10 turtles during this dive and it was wonderful. I have now discovered my favorite underwater animal is most definitely a turtle.

Overall, diving in the French Polynesian islands was out of this world amazing. We are so grateful to have made these memories and highly recommend diving with the Moana Pass in Tahiti!

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