Let us introduce ourselves...


Hi everyone, I’m Noelle! Im a California girl who moved to the Midwest in high school and ended up staying because of those Minnesota nice people. ⠀

I fell in love with travel when I got the opportunity to study abroad in Italy during my senior year of college. At that point, I was hooked. I got the travel bug and I’ve been devising a way to see more of the world ever since. ⠀

My favorite things are dancing, laughing, scuba diving and avocados. My fears are heights & snakes. ⠀

I feel blessed to be in this crazy adventure with my best friend!



Hey guys, I’m Jeremiah. I’m a small town Minnesota guy and fun fact: I’m one of 10 children. I grew up surrounded by lots of people and we were always on the go whether it was fishing, hunting or doing the many dishes it takes to feed a family of 12. Being that our family was so big, we were only able to travel as far as we could drive but I’ve always had a desire to explore more of the world and see what else is out there.

My favorite things are: fishing, hiking, hunting, snorkeling & mangos. My dislikes: tiny showers; they’re seriously the worst.

I love traveling and can’t wait to continue to rack up those passport stamps!



Hi friends, I’m Lola! Im the smallest member of the Dempsey family! ⠀

I love going to new places and making new friends! ⠀

My favorite things are swimming, smiling, and eating avocados. ⠀

I’m not really sure what’s going on here but I’m just happy to be with my mommy and daddy and go along with the ride!